Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Period 6-Movie V

Period 1-Movie U

Period 4-Movie T

Period 6-Movie S

Period 3-Movie R

Period 3-Movie Q

Period 4-Movie P

Period 4-Movie O

Period 6-Movie N

Period 6-Movie M

Period 5-Movie L

Period 5-Movie K

Period 3-Movie J

Period 5-Movie I

Period 3-Movie H

Period 5-Movie G

Period 3-Movie F

Period 4-Movie E

Period 3-Video D

Period 1-Video B

Period 1-Video A

Monday, January 2, 2012

Testing the Reliability of Horoscopes

After conducting the horoscope lab in class, please make a post with your partner addressing the following questions:

1) What idea(s) do you have about how else to test the reliability of horoscopes in predicting behavior?  What are the good features of your design?
2) Evaluate the activity we did in class to test the reliability of horoscopes.  How was it a good test?  How could it be improved?

Be sure to log into your Google account before posting, and then sign the post with your name, your partner's name, and your class period.