Monday, January 2, 2012

Testing the Reliability of Horoscopes

After conducting the horoscope lab in class, please make a post with your partner addressing the following questions:

1) What idea(s) do you have about how else to test the reliability of horoscopes in predicting behavior?  What are the good features of your design?
2) Evaluate the activity we did in class to test the reliability of horoscopes.  How was it a good test?  How could it be improved?

Be sure to log into your Google account before posting, and then sign the post with your name, your partner's name, and your class period.


  1. i don't believe that horoscopes will ever work, no matter the format of the experiment.


    P.S. FIRST!!!

  2. A better way to test horiscopes is to test if people agree with them.
    We could mix a few of the horiscopes that go with the sign and then leave the rest the same. Ask the class to read the signs that go with the horiscopes (while only a few are scrambled)and ask if they agree with them and if they are positive that thats there correct sign or if they disagree.
    Then once everyone is finished tell the class their real sign and see if they change their minds. And tell about the few signs that had ben mixed.


  3. 1. our way of testing in a different way would be to the same thiing but more than one time. This would give a more accurate answer.

    2. No it wasnt a good test because it didnt show how accurate the horoscopes where or how accurate the person choice was. it could be improved by giving more of a decription of the horoscope.

    Trisha Harden
    Emily Kauffman
    period 2

  4. Another way you could test the horroscope idea is group the people who have the same sign and then give them a list of horroscopes and ask them to pick the one who best describes them(personality traits) and i think the tes we did really tests the accuracy of horroscopes because they are not true. daniel peugh and kiana dorris

  5. 1, you can do personality traits,
    2, it was a good test cause we could see what peopleshoriscopes were an if they were right, and it can improve if you just use less people. not a whole class.

  6. 1. we should have had more tests than once like a weeks worth of horoscopes.
    2. I think that horoscopes will never work because they are never that reliable for it to be accurate

  7. The only way people agree with horoscopes is because they are so veg that they could fit almost any day.

  8. 1 horoscopes are kinda dumb and i dont belive in them
    2 it was a good test we found out if we didnt know what our sign was it can improve if you use more horoscops
    nathan r and camden chotedeeds p2

  9. I think we should of made it so there were equal amount of people in each Signs catagory. And maybe give more horoscopes from a different sight or magazine, Maybe trying different places you find the horoscopes.

    -Kaitlin Torbergson

  10. I do not believe in horroscopes and i think that another way you could change this would be to make the tests a little more specific that way you can tell wich one you really can relate to..

  11. I strongly believe in Horoscopes as they're exceedingly accurate whenever I get around to using them (nearly every day). I'm able to look in the papers and see a vague summary of my day nearly every day. But it's not something I believe can be *tested* as I don't belive it's a science so much as a faith.

    ~Emma Young, per. 3

  12. 1) Horoscopes can be further tested by comparing people that actually belive in horoscopes, and those who do not.

    2) The test was fairly good, and Im not sure how it can be improved any further.

    David Chase
    Ethan Robertson
    Period 3

  13. to see how the people act every day from each one and not let the people meet each other and then see if they act the same or around the same to see if they all are the same type of person. it was a good test but it needed more specific paragraphs but we cannt have more specific paragraghs. i think that we sould have our own horoscope that everyone has to tell how their day was so that the horoscope can tell how tomorrow will be.

  14. I dont believe in horoscopes because they make unsolid predictions of my life, it is hard to test though and your way of testing its reliability was reasonably accurate.

    Tanner spence Period 3

  15. can act anyway as you want and i dont really trust it.2. horoscopes cant be reliable and most likley going to be wrong.

  16. I dont think horoscopes are legit! I think they may be correct sometimes but not enought to convince me

  17. The test would be beter if you pick a beter day like one that isnt the day before school day.


  18. can act yourself and you you can ask for help whenever you do it.
    2.The test was good but it wont get any better.

  19. An idea i have for another project would be to have someone at the end of their day write what they think would be a good horoscope describing there day, and then compare it with the actual horoscope for accuracy

    i think the test we did was a good way to test the theory of horoscopes and how accurate they are. It was a good test because it used a different group of people and a large number of them

    -Justin Moreno

  20. You could read us the behavior traits and tell us where to go instead of letting us debate on which we should choose.
    It was a good test, horoscopes predict how peoples day or even life will go but i dont know how the test is like super related to science.
    -Stacy Morales

  21. I believe in horoscopes because usually when I read my horoscope's they are almost spot on how my day was. I don't believe it can be tested though. I think it's something that an individual either believes or doesn't believe. and if you do ot believe in them then it won't relate to you. Horoscopes are something in your own mind that you controll yourself with.

  22. I believe horoscopes is a way to predict the future but I believe it's not accurate.

  23. 1. i think a good way to test horoscopes is to get more people than just the school.
    2. I think the test we did in class was very good and acuret i dont think you coulhave doen it better

  24. i think their should have been a division between people hew beleave in horiscopes and people hew dont.

    i think thats exactly what you should have done ms.Aker.
    -Quentin White

  25. 1. I don`t believe horoscopes `cause I don`t see how it can be true or not.

    -> Jane Uti

  26. The only way people agree with horoscopes is because they are so open they could fit almost any day or category.
    Jayden Makepeace

  27. Get people who have the same astrology sign , and get someone else to monotor their behavior and see if it really does have the same effect on the same people with the same sign . yet i do NOT believe in this . It's stupid and it doesn't work

  28. 1.) You could test the horoscope idea by getting a group of people who have the same sign, then give them a list of personality traits and have them pick which describes them best.
    2.) It was a fun expriement, everyone was way more into it then anything else we've ever done.


  29. In no way do horoscopes work and tell you how your day is going to go. In a way to better improve the experiment, we could record our days for 3 days or so and on the 4th day, we would look back at our horoscopes for the past three days and see if our day went the same as our horoscopes. The lab yesterday was fun for a while, but then when I saw the questions, it was no longer enjoyable.

  30. 1) by testing these horoscopes more than once
    2)no the test was not good. it could be improved by putting more of a discription of the horoscope.

    -Kaden Davidson
    -Austin Holper
    period 4

  31. 1) To see if it works get a group of people togeather with the same sigh and then have them all read the horescope and see out of howe many people that they actually agree with what they read and that is what there life is like at the moment.

    2) i dont think they work they cant just have your life written down.

  32. i think that horoscopes are completely unreliable, like pulling a marbles out of a bag.. random. A few ways to improve the test is to have more trials and more frequent testing.
    -Bailey Hatch. :P

  33. I don't think that horoscopes really work. I think are just things to entertain people. There isn't really a way to tell if it's true or not! I think the experiment could improve if you got people withe the same sign and see if they would agree with each other and talk ab out why they chose that horoscope.

  34. 1.WE could expand the lab and use more people. There's vrely no good feature to this test we will just have better data.

    2.In class sheets were handed out with horoscopes.We then chose which one best described are day yesterday. Then we got in groups with people who had the same sign as us.
    We compared data and found out if we chose the data for are signal. I don't think any test is good because horoscopes are so open they can describe many peoples day.

  35. Kristina S. & Bella P.January 4, 2012 at 11:49 AM

    We dont believe in horoscopes beacuse we still dont fully understand how the concept of horoscopes works .

    The horoscope test was not really reliable because only 12 out of all the classes of 94 students got the right horoscope matching their zodiac sign .

    Krisitna S. & Bella P.
    P 4

  36. The test is based on the moon/sunlight and your sign right? our personality doesn't necessarily have to match what made ourselves to be. 1.I believe they can work sometimes as if it said "today will be your lucky day" and then you find a 20 dollar bill on the ground an hour later. 2.the test wasn't very good we only had one day and we didn't really test anything we mostly talked about it. it could be improved by using our current horoscope to use in class and finding out if the moon/sunlight and our sign really has anything to do with it.

  37. 1. One idea, is to test it more than one time. This way you would have a more accurate answer and you would be for sure about it.

    2. I dont think it was a good test because i didnt quite understand it. If there was anything to improve on it would be to give more details and laborate on their horoscope.

    Diondre Dodson
    Period 2

  38. 1. we can expand the lab and test more people this way we will have better data.

    2.In class we chose a horoscope that best described the day before. Then we found out if it was the horoscope for are sign. I don't think horoscopes work at all neither do thier test just because they can be so open to anyones day.
    jennifer Gonzalez

  39. I think the test could be improved if everyone took them on a differnt day. If the test was taken on a day when everyone was doing something different it would apply to each person better than a day when everyone was going to school.

    It was a good test because it is had to test.

  40. 1. We can get a few people with the same zodiac sign and see if they have the same personality as the horoscope says.

    2. we thought it was pretty good test. have more people.

    -Helen Yi & Stephanie Ha
    Period 5

  41. an expirament with groups of people with each sign and each day ask them to choose a horoscope that best described them the day before. was a good lab because they gave you a variety of horoscopes to choose from. It wasnt a good lab because they werent very descriptive/clear.

    PERIOD 5

  42. An idea I have about improving this experiment would be to have 1 or 2 fake horoscopes to act as placebos, showing more vitality then without them. We could also have the goroscopes be more specific, in terms of using the "moon rising" that you mentioned.

    -Dominic Burgi P5

  43. I think we need to test a couple more times in order to be sure we have the correct results.

    I dont like the test and think it didnt make much sense to me and there needs to be a little bit more detail.

    Bren Pfeifer
    Period 5
    I had no partner

  44. 1)Another way to test the reliability of horoscopes in predicting behavior is to take a large group of equal beleivers and nonbeleivers and see the outcome between each section. A good feature is that the two sections are equal and the results will be more clear.

    2)It was a good test because we had a large test group and we had to randomly select the prediction we thought was for our sign. However, it could be improved by having more specific predictions.

    ~Anna Broome, Per. 5

  45. I think it was a good test, but could maybe be improved by testing a lager group. with a larger group, outliers wouldn't affect the test as much.

    -Ryan Brownell

  46. 1. A way to make the test better is to sort out the people who believe in horoscopes in one group and people who dont in another. Then do the same test we did yesterday and see which group of people had more hits. Or if you did more of the same expirement you would have more data to work with.

    2.I think that it was an okay test but it could be improved. The "profiles" of each sign were pretty vauge and could apply to anyone on some days. A little more details couls improve the expirement.

    -Dana Jennings

  47. 1.i thought the experiment was fun but there wasnt a good reason to test it. i think it was well run and i dont have anything to improve it.
    -michael meinecke
    p.s. not first!!!!

  48. 1.I think to make the experiment better would have been to have each group of people with the same sign read their horoscope from the day before, but first they should write down what happened to them the day before, and then each person could see if the horoscope corresponded with their day.
    2. i think the test we performed in class was reliable but an improvement we could have made was to get more specific horoscopes. The ones that were provided were very vague and hard to choose from. -kaitlin ringus

  49. People don't believe in them because they are not perfect science, and the result are all over the place. I think the test could be improved by putting personality traits, not just how the day went.

  50. I thought the experiment was fine. I can't think of any way you could improve it. I understood it and didn't have any questions in the end.
    -Nathaniel Burns

  51. If we did this multiple times i think that this would make the result even more acurate.
    I think this was a good test because it showed me that not everything that people claim to be true is in reality true. I don't see any flaws in this lab.

  52. Astrology is a random foolhardy beleif which ni human nor animal should stoop unintelligable enough to beleive. the results of said astrology reflect only the idiocity of man and conjure up debate for lack of reason. How is the placement of balls constructed from gravity and burning with hydrogen and helium capable of mentally affecting organic life on earth? supernatural occurences ARE NOT science. super natural occurences is a pagen religion such as the apocolypse in 2012

    Elijah May

  53. 1. & 2. I think the test could be improved by incresing the validity of the experiment and testing people in a way that won't cheat. I, personally, don't think it is a very reliable field of science. The results of the test all involved probability.

  54. 1) I think that if there were more tests done on a singe person there would be a better range of data to choose from.
    2)It was a good test because it was anonymous and it wasn't possible to cheat.
    McKenna Fietz

  55. 1.) i cant think of anything that could help test the accuracy.

    2.)In the test we guessed which definition would go with our zodiac sign, when we found out the right horoscope everyones guessing was wrong besides 12 out of 94. this proves the theory wrong by how not everyones horoscope was the one they wanted.i dont think it could have been changed in any way.

    -bella sinay

  56. I do not believe that no matter what is controlled or manipulated in a test of astrological reliability, the results would still be of an inaccurate nature. My opinion is based on the data we collected in class yesterday.

    -Liam G.

  57. 1)i think that the test could be made more accurate by surveying a few horoscopes in a few different days. i believe we might see that some of the horoscopes are more accurate but that could also be because of chance.

    2) i dont really believe in horoscopes and if they a=ever are correct it is because of luck.

    Ryan Collins
    Period 5

  58. 1.) I think that horoscopes are all fake and unreliable. There is no way to make them reliable.
    2.)The test was legit and you couldn't maess it up.

  59. i dont think the horoscope lab we did would of worked anyway giving the result or not picking your horscope with out it relating to you generally is hard eneough. if we had it relating to our sign and we new what we were picking then i think the results would be more accurate.
    kiana moore

  60. I think that the test we took was bogus. I don't think that the horoscopes that predict you day are reliable, as they are open to either too much or too little interpretation. The ones we read yesterday were pretty specific.
    That's all there really is to say in the matter.

    -Natalie Ford

  61. 1.Doing the prediction more than once will increase the reliabiltiy of horoscopes and make them more accurate.
    2. The expermiment was good to show us that horoscopes don't work and that they are unreliable. This experiment could be improved if you gave us more hints which option to pick.

    Period 5
    Olivia Treece