Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Period 4-Movie P


  1. I noticed that you guys started with all of the 4 cubes in the circle used for ball, why is that? And i only saw one energy transfer?.

  2. Why are all 4 cubes in the ball circle and not in any other one? I think you could talk louder and explain more about what you are doing; there is not much info in youdr video.

    Paige Anderson

  3. I also noticed that you started with all four cubes in the same circle, do you think there could have been other energy from the start not in that circle? Could you not find an energy transformation because I didn't see you explain one.
    ~Carlie Kilcup P.3

  4. Brooke March 3rd Period

    I noticed you moved the cubes from the ball to the air, and changed the energy form. Were you explaining a transformation or a transer?

    What kind of potential energy were you trying to explain in the ball?

  5. I Noticed that you guys did not start with energy in any other circle, only in the ball. Why is there no energy in any of the other circles? and why did yoiu start with 3 of the cubes on potential energy? what kind of potential energy?
    Addy Paris Period 3

  6. It was very confusing, you only mentioned 3 energy transfers, and the 4 cubes in one circle didnt make that much sense...
    - riley burks per 3.

  7. why was there only air and the ball? there should be other variables.

    1. What else do you think should be included?

  8. why did it transfer to the air? I don't understand.

  9. there was only 4 cubes in the circle, wheres the others?
    haley R.

  10. Potential switching what? I didn't understand the experiment.
    Drew W. per. 4