Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Period 4-Movie Z


  1. Shayla - Why didnt you include gravitational enery when the paperclip is pick up off the ground ? Did you think about this ?

  2. I think you explained it very well because you started off just talking about the experiment and not going straight to talking about the energy. Also, I see that Shayla asked you why didn't you talk about gravitataional energy which I was wondering the same thing.
    ~Carlie Kilcup P.3

  3. Brooke March P.3
    This video had a great explanation of energy transfers and transformations. However, I'm still unclear about what five energies you used in the beginning.

  4. You did a very good job explaining the situation and the transfers and transformations. What were the five types of energy you started with in the beginning?
    Addy Paris period 3

  5. You gave a lot of good information and spoke really clearly. How did you know that there would be sound kinetic energy? What were the five types of energy's you started with besides potential energy. Also you didn't say any names or show any faces.
    Paige Anderson Period 3

  6. Why would the paper clip be dragging across the table ? I thought that the electromagnet would just pick up the paperclip.

    1. That's a good question. I agree, IF the paper clip is being drug across the table, there would be thermal energy involved.

  7. good way to show how it works


  8. Why were there two arrows between two of the labeled circles?

    Dominic Smith-Tuiala | Period 6