Monday, October 4, 2010

Science Fair Thoughts

The science fair is coming up at the end of January.  What are 2 or 3 thoughts you have for a project?  Or do you have one idea narrowed down?  Post your idea or respond to someone else's.  If you post your own idea, ask others for input about how to test.  If responding to an idea, give them ideas about how to test.


  1. I was thinking of doing the affect on adding more or less baking powder to muffins, seeing if they rise higher.

    Breanna Richardson, Period 1

  2. I was thinking about experimenting the affect baking powder has on the height of muffins. I was also thinking about doing the affect texting has on grades.

    Kennedy Albertin, per.1

  3. I was thinking of couple of things....
    1.Cooking experiment
    -depending on recipe, what would happen if you put more of one specific substance than what recipe asks for, for instance, adding more baking powder when baking cake.
    -Observe people with different jobs and their perference of type of books they like to read.
    3. Sounds
    Insturment's Pitch. Depending on the different temperature, insturment could play multiple pitch either sharp or flat.
    4. Dissolove some substance in water, experiment rather if which liquid solution would freeze first.

    Eunho Lee. Period 1

  4. For the science fair project the thoughts that i have idea i have in mind about what i want to do is FOOD! ;D one of my ideas is will the amount of flour affect how high the dough will rise!
    -Christine Sibal PERIOD#2! (:

  5. we should do a project on how sleep affects people and how they think and act. Also something involving soda like a soda rocket or somethin xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Jin Byoun

  6. I would love to do something with music, or surrounded by it, i'm just not quite sure what, or pictures, something along those lines.
    -Lake Stephenson, period 2.

  7. i wanted to do mine on favoritism, i dont know how to descibe it though.

    mjm pd4

  8. i want to do something with bowling so i was thinking that i should test the speed of ball and the number of pins knocked down
    _alexis dimick p.4

  9. I have lots of great ideas about what I want to do for my science project.
    Some of the ideas that i have it is that i might test how long different types of gum last.
    Some other ideas that I have done is taking the PH level of lotions that i had made.
    haha i think its PH, but im not sure!
    Plenty of ideas running throguht my head, just got to find the right one.

  10. i am very facintated with space and the solar system as well as things and formations on earth. i would like to do a science fair project involving something under those topics. maybe something having to do with the properties of light or heat. these topics seem more like book work though rather than an experiment. Any ideas?

    Emily Bottemiller

  11. something to do with music, mabey like look at bands and when they released their 1st 2nd and 3rd albums and how much money each one made.
    kyli sellers-luckey
    period 4

  12. I am going to make a mini hot air baloon out of a butane lighter and a piece of material that i will create.

    I was also thining i could mix corn starch and water together to make a substance that becomes hard when pressure is applied, but turns back to a liquid when pressure is released.

    Joey Gonzales

  13. I'm not totally sure what I want to do for the science fair but the baking powder to make muffins experiment sounded kinda fun. I would want to do an experiment where its not all research. Angela Leingang p.4

  14. Idk.. something with food? Only cause Im hungry right now... Uhh how about how much.... or which gum's last the longest ! Good idea?

    Alyssa Donawa
    pd 4

  15. somthing to do with sports. number of years played and how meny goels scored

    eduard shevchuk

  16. 1. im going to put mentos in coke and see how many mentos i would put in to how high the coke shoots up.

    2. how many words can you say in a minute depending on the words. a short or long word.

  17. im going to bake cookies and change the amount of corn starch added to them to see how they raise will change. like if they get taller with more and with no corn starch if they fall flat.


  18. Something with sports such as how far does the ball roll down the hill at 2 books up compared to 5 books up...or something like that...

    ALI:) PERIOD 5!!

  19. i fwas thinking about puttintg diffent types of candy in different liquids and seeing what would happem

  20. i mean baking powder not corn starch?? lol :p

    jaycee cook(: