Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Favorite science experiment or activity last year

Hey physical science students!  Tell me about your favorite science experiment or activity last year.  Include in your reply:

The activity
A description of the activity
What you liked about it

Be sure to sign your post with your full name and period:  "John Doe, Period 1"


  1. The spaghetti towers was my favorite science experiment last year. We had to build a tower out of tape, noodles and marshmallows. The goal was to build it out of a limited amount of noodles, tape and marshmallows and have it with stand an "earth quake." I liked the activity because it was fun working with people in a group. It was like building your own house and it was fun.

    Kennedy Albertin, Period 1

  2. My favorite part of science last year was building the spaghetti towers. In this activity, we had a limited number of spaghetti sticks, marshmallows, and tape. We had to consruct a structor at least 40 cm tall, abd it had to hold an egg at the top, while withstading an "earthquake." Even though our stucture didn't hold, I liked the fact that we could put our personality into it and we had the freedom to make it how we wanted.

    Breanna Richardson Period 1

  3. Spaghetti Tower was one of my favorite experiments throughout last year. The spaghetti tower experiment was the experiment to learn more about how to build a stronger structures to make sure that the building lasts during the earthquake. We worked in groups of 4 people each individual assigned a certain job for our group. This activity was most memorable and fun because observing each structure's reaction against the earthquake was very intense and fun working with each other to try multiple designs of the building.

    Eunho Lee, period 1

  4. SPAGHETTIIII WAS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.It was very fun and sorta challenging.

    Jin Byoun Period 2

  5. My favorite activity last year was the spaghetti tower, it was so fun i loved making the tower and testing it! (:


  6. i like watching movis in class, they helped me prcess the information better.

    katelin licari, period 2

  7. My favorite activity last year was the spaghetti tower! I liked it because it gave us some freedom to "make our own building." Even though some of them didn't work it was super fun!!!

    Courteney March P2

  8. My favorite activity from last year was the spaghetti tower. It was scientific, but fun! And you could be creative with it and stuff like that.

    Serena Gee P2

  9. My favorite science experiment from last year was when we carried baby chicks around school and then learned about them. They were hatched in our class room and were really cute.
    Angela Leingang P.4

  10. My favorite science thing last year wa sthe spaghetti tower, because you didn't hav eto follow liek an exact procedure and you coudl be free with it. Also it was fun and the group thing is fun to do. And it was kinda realistic with teh checks and stuff.

    Alyssa Donawa 4pd